B&W Artwork

F was a fan
G was a gooseberry
H was a heron
I was an inkstand
J was a jug
K was a kingfisher
L was a lily
M was a man
N was a nut
O was an oyster
P was a polly
Q was a quill
R was a rattlesnake
S was a screw
T was a thimble
U was an upper-coat
V was a veil
W was a watch
X was King Xerxes
Y was a yak
Z was a zebra
The Absolutely Abstemious Ass
The Bountiful Beetle
The Comfortable Confidential Cow
The Dolomphious Duck
The Enthusiastic Elephant
The Fizzgiggious Fish
The Good-natured Grey Gull
The Hasty Higgeldipiggledy Hen
The Inventive Indian
The Judicious Jubilant Jay
The Kicking Kangaroo
The Lively Learned Lobster
The Melodious Meritorious Mouse
The Nutritious Newt
The Obsequious Ornamental Ostrich
The Perpendicular Purple Polly
The Queer Querulous Quail
The Rural Runcible Raven
The Scroobious Snake
The Tumultuous Tom-tommy Tortoise
The Umbrageous Umbrella-maker
The Visibly Vicious Vulture
The Worrying Whizzing Wasp
The Excellent Double-extra XX
The Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo
The Zigzag Zealous Zebra
A was an Area Arch
B was a Bottle blue
C was Papa's gray Cat
D was Papa's white Duck
E was a little Egg
F was a little Fish
G was Papa's new Gun
H was Papa's new Hat
I was an Inkstand new
J was some Apple Jam
K was a great new Kite
L was a fine new Lamp
M was a dish of mince
N was a Nut that grew
O was an Owl who flew
P was a little Pig
Q was a Quince that hung
R was a Railway Rug
S was Papa's new Stick
T was a tumbler full
U was a silver urn
V was a Villain; once
W was a Watch of Gold
X was King Xerxes, whom
Y was a Youth, who kicked
Z was a Zebra striped
There was an Old Derry down Derry